The Chikuni Kaido by Region

Courtesy of Paul Deckret  | Centrip Japan ITOIGAWA: The route jumps back and forth between asphalt and gravel roads broken up by short sections of trail in Itoigawa, steadily climbing higher past wide expanses of rice fields before finally settling into a long section of forested dirt trail just beyond the small but worthwhile Salt

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Shionomichi Trail in Spring

From Phil Ingram | ShumiStayJapan This Spring I decided to walk the last 40 kilometers of the Shionomichi Trail going to the start/finish of the trail in Matsumoto.  I did it on two separate days about a month apart.  Spring is a wonderful season in the high plains and mountains of Nagano as the earth

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Farmhouses on the Shio No Michi

The northern half  of the Shio-no-michi trail runs along the sides of a narrow and rugged valley and was relatively isolated until the road and train line were built, mainly running through tunnels, in the later half of the 20th century. This meant that the area was undeveloped until recently and is one reason why

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The Shio No Michi Festival

Japan is a country of matsuri-  or festivals –  which are usually based around the changing seasons. At the beginning of May each year, Golden Week – when three public holidays mean that most Japanese take the whole week off – also heralds the arrival of cherry blossom season in this area of Nagano.  To

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